Why Outsource Your Laundry Services to Prestige?
Processing laundry in small quantities is very labor intensive. Unless an on-premise laundry is equipped to handle large volumes—at a cost of several million dollars in equipment and space—it is difficult to be cost effective. There is also evidence that owning your linen and outsourcing laundry services can improve your usage rate—a true cost/benefit for large-volume users.

  • Rising Cost of Operating a Laundry – In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the cost of electricity, natural gas, water, sewer service, and the cleaning solutions used in processing. Labor and employee benefit costs continue to rise.

    Keeping Up With Rising Volume – The Healthcare sector is seeing a continued rise in the number of patients at hospitals, nursing homes and surgical centers. On-premise laundries can no longer keep up the increasing volume without major upgrades in equipment and personnel.

    Space Usage Considerations – When business leaders consider how to increase their operating income, they often see an on-premise laundry as an expense where there could be revenue. For example, the need for more patient beds often means reallocating their laundry space and outsourcing patient linen processing, rather than building a costly new expansion


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